Gorey Tales | Exhibit

I’ve become quite the exhibit addict. None struck my attention this month as much as the exhibit put on by the librarians at the Osborne Collection of Rare Books library within the Lillian H. Smith TPL Branch. This fall the exhibit featured the illustrated works of Edward Gorey. Reading The Gashlycrumb Tinies (1963) is byContinue reading “Gorey Tales | Exhibit”

No Refuge but Writing | Exhibit Review

I took a brief trip to NYC and explored several bookstores and the exhibition at the Morgan Library: Tennessee Williams No Refuge but Writing, hosted in the Engelhard Gallery. It only took a quick glimpse to realize this exhibition was the effort of many skilled librarians and curators. Manuscripts were brought from the Harry RansomContinue reading “No Refuge but Writing | Exhibit Review”

Interview with a Book Cover Designer

I conducted this interview with Erik Mohr as a member of the book tour for Sam Beiko’s second book in The Realms of Ancient Series. Erik Mohr, the Creative Director at Made by Emblem. Erik has been working as an art director for over 10 years and has received numerous industry awards including the SocietyContinue reading “Interview with a Book Cover Designer”

‘Monstrous Children’ in Post-Reformation England

In Early Modern England, children were not only in choirs, but they also participated in plays to entertain mayors, Queens, and Kings, in addition to travelling alongside acting guilds in larger cycle productions. There were, however, rare cases where deformed children or ‘monstrous chyldrn’ were paraded for a sum of money (payable to their owner)Continue reading “‘Monstrous Children’ in Post-Reformation England”

Sherlock Holmes Library | Toronto

“I had already noticed the peculiarities of the typewriter, and wrote to the man himself at his business address, asking him if he would come here. As I expected, his reply was typewritten and revealed the same trivial but characteristic defects. The same post brought me a letter from Westhouse & Marbank, of Fenchurch Street,Continue reading “Sherlock Holmes Library | Toronto”

Literary Titans Revisited | Review

“Their writing explores themes in our society…the plight of the marginalized, the environment, the difficulties of finding one’s self and place, the anxiety of getting it all wrong, the longing for love, the search for justice.” —Anne Urbancic Professor Anne Urbancic (at Victoria College, University of Toronto) assigns her first-year students to explore in depthContinue reading “Literary Titans Revisited | Review”

The History, Preservation, and Conservation of the Beowulf Text Cotton MS Vitellius A xv

Introduction and Story Content    Beowulf is the foundational text in the English literary canon. It is the only epic in Old English and has been used as a source for a large portion of our vocabulary and understanding of Old English and Anglo-Saxon England. Nobody knows for certain when the poem was originally composed inContinue reading “The History, Preservation, and Conservation of the Beowulf Text Cotton MS Vitellius A xv”